Pyroskopio, the web database of forest fires occurring in Greece, was produced by WWF Greece and NAGREF (Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems and Forest Products Technology). The database presents data on forest fires over the period 1983-2008. A total of 38.085 forest fires which took place during this 25 year-period were studied, aiming to provide an overview of their evolution in the course of time based on temporal, topographic, meteorological and other parameters. Thus, useful conclusions can be extracted for research and operational use by the stakeholders in prevention and suppression of forest fires.

By providing this analysis, WWF Greece and NAGREF are setting a framework for competent authorities, stakeholders and citizens to become further involved in substantially protecting forest ecosystems.

The forest fire primary data were provided by the Forest Service at the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems and Forest Products Technology (NAGREF). Data analysis was performed by the Institutes' research team, consisting of C. Tsagari, G. Karetsos and N. Proutsos.

The application was developed by G. Divanis and A. Kitnis, GEODIV.

The interface of the application was designed by Vassilis Kokkinidis, WWF Greece

Pyroskopio was developed in the context of the “Forests For the Future” project co-funded by the non-profit Foundations J.S. Latsis, A.G. Leventis and Bodossaki, as well as with funds provided by WWF Greece supporters.